Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Who, ME? I'm Not Spoiled!

"What's THAT?"

Kanani: Two new friends brought me a present yesterday! I didn't know what it was, at first, til my human called it a "lei." She held it up and let me sniff it but I wouldn't let her put it over my head like she seemed to want to do!

Me: That's what you do with a lei--wear it.

Kanani: WEAR something made of yummy apples, carrots, peppermints, and some kind of delicious green stuff?????...Are you out of your mind?

Me: The green stuff was parsley--and the lei also had orchids, ribbons and peppermint lifesavers on it. I wanted to get a photo of you wearing your lei like a proper Hawaiian horse.

Kanani: Well, I just wanted to eat the darn thing! Once I realized there were carrots and apples on it, that is. Heck, I discovered that I love the parsley--and the peppermints are my new favorite treat, EVER!

Me: You would have gotten a tummy ache if I had let you eat the whole thing. So I just let you eat a little bit and the rest I took home for another time.

Kanani: They brought me cookies, too! When do I get my cookies?????

Me: One at a time, my greedy friend--if you're good, that is. You have to EARN your cookies, you know. I can't have a spoiled horse.

Kanani: Who, ME? I'm not spoiled!

Me: Ha! Did you see the hat they brought for ME? It kind of says it all.

Kanani: Oh, the one that says "Owned by a Friesian Horse"?

Me: Yep, that's the one.

Kanani: Well, I DO own you, don't I? You're my very own human--my groomer, trainer,hair dresser, poop-picker-upper, goody supplier, shoe-buyer, all-around slave and best friend!..Um...what did you bring me TODAY?

"Do I smell an apple?"

"Hey, there's carrots on here, too!"

"Are you SURE this thing is edible? What's that floppy white thing?"

"Yes!!! It IS edible."

"Wait a minute! What's that string thing holding all this stuff together?"

"Yum! I LIKE presents!"

"Making faces at my new friend, Barb!"

"Me and my new friend, Judy!"

"Me and my slave--I mean, my human!"