Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kanani: Left Brain Introvert?

Have been studying Horsenality--the science of figuring out what sort of personality type your horse has so you can best tailor your training/handling methods to that particular type of horse. (Yes, it's actually a science. Who knew?) Like humans, horses often display characteristics from all personality types, but will still generally fall into one category more than any other.

Kanani appears to be a Left Brain Introvert. This means that on the plus side, he tends to be clever, calm, dependable and consistent. On the minus side, he may be easily bored, pushy, argumentative, have a tendency to buck or charge, be stubborn, too food focused, disinterested or lazy. (Don't worry, he hasn't bucked or charged yet! Doesn't have a credit card, anyway.)

He has many Extrovert tendencies, too--as in charismatic, mouthy, playful, smart, fast learner and occasionally willful and bossy.

He is definitely food-focused and will do anything to earn a treat. When he decides to be argumentative ("My saddle slipped twice in a row, so now I don't think I'll stand still any more for you to get on me!"), a treat for good behavior is a highly motivating factor. So is turning him in a small circle until we're both a little dizzy and he decides it's easier to stand still when he's told to do so rather then keep making mindless, energy-expending circles.

The fact that he's far more left-brained than right brained indicates that he's generally calm, brave and confidant (also dominant) and I must be on my toes to remain in charge.

Only occasionally does he exhibit right brain tendencies and become hyper alert, high headed and bracy or downright distrustful. (On the plus side of right brain tendencies, he's perceptive, forgiving and bonds like glue.)

Now, after studying all this, I'm trying to figure out my "Humanality" type. (Yes, we all fall into one of four distinct personality types with overtones of other types thrown in for good measure.)

Am I a Left Brain Introvert like Kanani--or a Left Brain Extrovert? Or maybe I'm a Right Brain Introvert or Extrovert?

All I really know about all this is that I, too, am definitely food-focused.

Uh, oh. Time to eat!!! So bye for now.

"Don't bother me. I'm a deep-thinking introvert."

"Whadidya bring me? Huh?...huh? There better be treats in that bulging pocket!"


  1. Ahhh, he is lovely, no matter which side he is coming from :)

  2. I would LOVE to find out what I am...how do i go about doing that, what shall I look up? He is a Beauty

  3. Um...not sure for humans!