Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Some 12-15 hours ahead of everyone I know in the USA, we celebrated the arrival of the New Year. Tinu (the only other volunteer here with me, at the moment) and I watched the celebration in Bangkok on local television.

Think Times Square Thai-style. Thousands of people crowded the streets--all dancing and singing along with the performers. The surprise? It was very Western-style. Thai lyrics but rock music and even rapping. Interrupted by far too many commercials that were also Western-style. It was actually kind of sad to see that commercialism has taken over here, just as it has in the good ole USA. (And I was so hoping to see Thai dancing or at least something Thai-ish!)

Here in Trang, folks gathered at the clock tower but we didn't go because our home base is somewhat out of town. Getting a tuk-tuk home could have been a problem. But there were fireworks all around us, lots of loud music and roosters crowing in protest.

Plus, we enjoyed the gorgeous full moon silvering the landscape.

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