Saturday, August 1, 2009

Quick Day-By-Day Itinerary:

8/3: Fly out to Seattle (Bringing ipod and a good book!)

8/4: Fly from Seattle to Fairbanks.

8/5: Take a train from Fairbanks to Denali National Park. Then go on the Nenana Wilderness Run, a white water river rafting run into the wilderness. Whoohooooo!

8/6: Natural History Tour of Denali. Bus trip to Mt McKinley, followed by a flight tour of magnificent Mt McKinley.

8/7: Rafting on the Chulitna River, a float trip into the unknown. Grizzly bear sightings possible. (Will have cell phone. Will throw at grizzly if threatened.)

8/8: Bus and Train trip to ship at Whittier. Board ship.

8/9: Cruise College Fjord. See glaciers up close and personal. Have own balcony. Will bundle up and sit out to see everything.

8/10: Cruise Glacier Bay. More glaciers. (May be frost bitten by now.)

8/11: Visit Skagway and do another wilderness/wildlife excursion via raft.(Do grizzly bears swim?)

8/12: Visit Juneau and go on a Photo Safari by land and sea.

8/13: Visit Ketchikan and tour the Misty Fjords by boat. (Whales, I hope! Orcas almost certainly.)

8/14: At sea--and probably eating too much at a formal dinner. (Leaving weight scale at home!)

8/15: Arrive at Vancouver and disembark. Bus trip to Seattle. Hang out with the Saccos and celebrate their wedding anniversary. (Champagne?)

8/16: Depart for Maui.

Did I mention I get to do all this with my wonderful sister, Kay, and my dear friends, Sara & Eddie Hoklotubbe?


  1. Uh, fyi, grizzly bears DO swim and they have been known to snack on cell phones as an after-dinner mint. The best defense against a grizzly bear is to run faster than the person you are with. Run, Kay!

    Additional information for you regarding bears:

    When you are out in Palin country you must go prepared. You need to make noise. Talk loud and wear a bell. Maybe Kay can carry some bear spray. Also, you will need to learn to identify bear poop so you will know what kind of bears are around. You will be able to see berries in the poop of black bears. The grizzly bear poop will include cell phones, bells, and bear spray.

    So, back to our earlier advice: Run, baby, run!

    The Indian is putting his money on the hula dancer.

    Looking forward to sharing your Alaskan adventure!

    The Indian and Sara Sue

  2. Well, heck, I thought I was supposed to stand still and stare the beast down in a supreme contest of wills. If running is better, I'm not worried. I'll just be sure to carry less baggage than...oops, don't tell Kay I said that.

    Traveling Mom

  3. this ought to be one action packed adventure for sure!!! cant wait to hear all about it and know that you survived bear country. i'll be anxiously awaiting the photos! how did this trip come about?

  4. I was talked into it by my friends, Sara & Eddie H., who called me and said, "Did you know that cruises in Alaska are running about half price?" (They once lived in Alaska, so they know these things.) So I thought to myself, "Well, now's the time if I'm ever gonna do something like this," and my next thought was, "I need a partner in crime to share my cabin!" So I called my sister, Kay, who's always interested in adventure/crime and the rest, as they say, is history!

    Traveling Mom

  5. So how's it goin so far?

  6. Sounds like a great trip! So glad we can follow along with this blog!

    Will the cruise part be just like the Love Boat? If so, no need to post pictures...I've seen ALL the episodes! haha

    Love, Catherine

  7. So happy to see what you are up to everyday ....enjoy everything!


  8. Apparently she's having so much fun she doesn't have time to update this blog! :)

  9. Hi mom, ask Gov. S. Palin to find me a pretty
    Alaskan lady to wed,, and the Ruskie's are our friends, we'll never get to Mars or live on the moon with out them and Stolee's.

    Missu much, the windy son... Get and post a pic'
    of a Wolverine iff Possible...