Monday, August 10, 2009

Cruising Glacier Bay:

Glacier Bay is a premier world destination of towering glaciers,deep gorges and icy wilderness. Unfortunately, we can't see it because we are socked in by a wall of gray. We had a couple of tantalizing glympses in the Icy Straits (real name) and then the fog rolled in. Nonetheless, we bundled up in everything we brought with us and went up to the Sky Deck (17 stories up, not 14, as earlier reported) and took pictures of each other taking pictures. Now, I'm blogging in hopes of it clearing while my nose is glued to a computer screen.

Oooops, just looked out and saw mountains off the starboard side. Gotta run! Check back soon. (Oh, forgot to mention we had a champagne breakfast this morning in our cabin--Alaskan crab, salmon, all kinds of fruit, pastries, etc.--amazing! It's called the Glacier Bay Champagne Breakfast, and we loved it. Alas, my jeans are getting snug.)

More later!


  1. Aunt Pam and Aunt Kay...what cruise line is this..I do hope you are having a fabulous time and cannot wait for the pics....Cheers to you both...Love, terri

  2. Oooo! That sounds divine!

  3. We are on Princess Cruise Line. Our ship is the Diamond Princess.