Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Photo Safari on Land and Sea:

Oh, my! Where do the superlatives stop? Not here. We are docked at Juneau, Alaska today and we went on a photo safari with a young but really knowledgeable photo journalist. Our first stop was the Mendenhal glacier where I could not take photos fast enough to capture the awe inspiring views of blue ice and floating ice bergs. Then we hiked through the "rain forest." Juneau gets 130 plus inches of rain and tons of snow per year. Another highlight of the rain forest was bear poop sightings! But no bears, yet.However, our guide carried bear spray, just in case. Also saw more salmon spawning (they sure are determined) and hurried to catch a bus to Auke Bay where we boarded a boat to go out on North Pass.

North Pass fulfilled my dream of seeing my whales from Maui up here in Alaska. Our boat was small and we were able to get close and take photos I have never been able to get in Maui--all against a backdrop of snow topped mountains. A group of five whales posed obligingly and swam very close to us. Also got eagle shots and spotted sea lions. This was one incredible day. Tonight is "formal" dining so gotta run and dress up. (Before I can go to bed! We are dragging here--sight-seeing is WORK.) I know, you feel sorry for us, don't you?

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