Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Glaciers & Mountains Everywhere!

Photo ops in every direction.


A hole in the base of one glacier was gushing water.

When it got too crowded on deck, I retreated to my balcony on deck 11. Took this shot of the reflections in my balcony door showing me taking the photo with the glacier looming behind me. (Okay, so it's weird but I thought the reflection in the door was cool.)

People crowd the railing of the top deck of our 17 story ship to see this glacier. It's the Marguerite Glacier and it towered above the ship as you see here.


  1. Those glaciers look cool!

  2. these are simply breathtaking pam, a silhouette wink of heaven under Athena's shadow,

    -- the Parkwood Paperboy