Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Entering Glacier Bay:

Glorious moment when the sun breaks through!

First glacier of sixteen comes into view.

Fog lies in heavy swaths and patches.

Sun competing with fog.

Barefoot and still in a nightgown, Kay rushes to get a shot of the gorgeous scenery.

Foggy, misty morning


  1. the fog looks so mysterious, wish i could have breathed that air in, bet it was otherworldly!

  2. It was. Cold and damp but oh, so fresh!

  3. ...i can almost feel it in my lungs.

  4. just a ripple in time, "to the sea, to the sea, and it's gone forever, gone forever, to the sea... to the sea..." very classic images Kay, very classy...

    an Ode to the Pharoahs,

    a lonely neph... in the land of Gatsby...