Monday, August 17, 2009

Ship Shots:

One of the two pools.

Looking down the port side.

Wheelhouse Bar, one of many

Princess Theater

Promenade Deck checking out the lifeboats

Love how the chairs are all neatly lined up!

Sky Deck and very cold!

Center Atrium.

It wasn't so crowded all the time!

Such a lovely marvel of conspicuous consumption! The atrium was lined with shops--and diamonds were the hot item. I, however, bought a virtuous T-shirt.


  1. what a beautiful ship! lucky...

  2. as if you were in a mall in London,,, a London calling afloat, just a trite bit etheral with Titanic-esque overtones...

    blogging to hevean shall we say where's the Bourbon and a beaut' ghost in silky white gown...

    blessed with Wakelin's tiny globe...
    Mr. 2-22