Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Float Trip into an Eagle Preserve:

Ready for the float trip, praying it doesn't start storming and wondering what we got ourselves into this time. (I've never seen my sister so bundled up. She even wore her dorky hat.)

Think I'll stay warm? (Taken by Sara)

They fed us lunch before we embarked. Sara's bright smile ignores how cold it is. Believe me, it was COLD.

Actually, lunch tasted pretty good! (Taken by Sara)

Did I mention that this is a wild, beautiful land--an offshoot of the Chilcat River that runs through the middle of nowhere?

Eagles sitting on the mud flats waiting to spot a passing fish. Kinda hard to get good photos of eagles on a twisting, turning raft!

Eddie checking out the camera to make sure it's working. Or checking out something.

This is my raft taken by Sara.

Uh, oh...bumping boats!

Clearly, I'm having way too much fun! (Taken by Sara)

Can't seem to stop laughing! (Taken by Sara. Put that dang camera down, girl!)

Yet another shot of me having fun, this one by my sister, Kay. (In between hanging on for dear life, they still had time to take pictures!)

Mama eagle guarding her chick. 49 eagles spotted on this trip! That was the official count. Click on photo to view large.

Farewell to this cold, gorgeous place! I'd come back in a minute.


  1. i bet you were scared to death of dropping ur camera in the water! (i know i would be!)

  2. A serene drift to relaxe the nerves into the great Alaskan abyss... heavenly crossroads with what peanut butter and jelly, cut, how about Grey Poupon and Gourmet bagellets...

    au' revoir...
    a windy city Pices...:]