Monday, August 17, 2009

Mt McKinley Wilderness Lodge:

Denali is out there somewhere!

Wilderness Reflections...

All the doors had moose antlers for door handles.

Here we are--the four Musketeers!

This is fireweed, a plant that is the first to appear after a major forest fire. Natives say that you can tell how much snow winter will bring by the height of the fireweed near summer's end. This was over eight feet tall.

Not sure what these flowers are, but hanging baskets of them adorned the lodge.

A deck overlooks the wilderness area and the view of Mt McKinley that wasn't appearing. But we were still looking for it!

We loved this gorgeous facility out in the middle of the wilderness. It's so far out, in fact, that it operates on generators. It has, we hear, an incredible view of Mt McKinley or "Denali" but we never saw it while we were there. The view was obscured by clouds. But all was lovely, anyway.

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