Friday, August 21, 2009

How To Read This Blog:


The last post is the top post. So you are actually reading about my trip to Alaska from the end to the beginning. I started posting photos only after I returned home. Posts from the ship are narrative only and begin with the post at the left that is entitled Final Day at Sea. It's quite away down the list.

As you scroll downward on this opening page, you will get to the bottom eventually and see a little notation on the right hand side that says "Older Posts." You can click that to get to the next oldest post. And keeping doing it to see all the photos as you get through each page. Or you can jump around and click on stuff at the left as you wish.

Thanks for joining me!

My next adventure is right around the corner and I'll post it all right here.

P.S. To enlarge a photo, CLICK on it. If I do say so myself, some of 'em are worth enlarging. Be sure you see Glacier Bay and College Fjord and the whales and...


  1. Wow Pam! Looks so amazing...can't wait to see the pictures live or in better resolution. They look amazing here, I bet even better in person. Can't wait to hear all the great detail...feel like I was there reading your blog. Very cool! And so great you kept the blog going to share with everyone!

  2. amazing momma! i smell a 944 travel article on alaska in your future! pay is $25 so you can write off your trip. :)

    your daughter sarah

  3. Wow mom, I love your blog site, check out the one I made:

    It links your site,

    Luv, Paul