Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Glorious Hair Man:

After a good grooming session, I undid Kanani's braids this morning. This boy has hair! And it streams behind him like a flag when he gallops.

I discovered this when I turned him out in the huge riding paddock for the first time so he could check it out. Kay had her camera ready and caught some stunning shots of him strutting his stuff.

He raced around like a Nascar driver for a few minutes--kicking up his heels and relishing freedom after his long journey. Then he calmly trotted back over to me and just stood there waiting to see what might happen next.

There won't be any riding til the rest of my tack gets here. The box that came with him lacked a saddle pad, for one thing. But this is a great time for just getting to know one another and he seems to already realize that I'm his new owner. Or is it the other way around and he now owns me!!!

Have lost my heart to him already. I am so in love. Who can resist all that hair???


  1. you lucky gal! sweet lord, he is STUNNING!!!
    that hair is breathtaking--want to run my fingers thru it!

  2. he is gorgeous!! and he knows it! Love him! — Sarah

  3. That first picture of him is Gorgeous..I would Totally enlarge these and hang them in my house. You and Aunt Kay did an Amazing job on catching such Awesome shots of him (Talent). Love you!!