Saturday, April 9, 2011

Back in Business:

New shoes for Kanani--check. (He's wearing shoes from now on!)

First lunging session--check. (Kinda like lunging an out of control freight train. This tells me he has not been lunged much, just enough to have figured out lots of evasive moves! Wore me out so we have returned to reviewing some basics such as yes, you can walk calmly in a circle around me. This may take awhile to instill.)

FIRST RIDE--CHECK. Lovely boy under saddle. Tried very hard to please. Did everything I asked. Didn't ask too much this first ride as I myself need lots of focus reviewing riding basics. Am taking it slow in reintroducing my old body to the rhythm, motion and balance of riding. Oh, but it was such fun!!!! How grand to be up on such a beautiful big horse.

They say that "the wind of heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears."

It's true. It's true!!!!


  1. I was getting worried not hearing anything. What no Birgenstocks?..... Glad all is well. Enjoy

  2. Pam, Don't know much about horses ( as a matter of fact nothing ! ) but if I had to run around all day in HOT sand, I'd want my shoes on too !!! Can't wait to see him.......Barb

  3. We are very envious! You get to see the world from a beautiful point of view -- the back of a horse. God has truly blessed you with a good friend.

    Eddie is already checking flights for us to come and see you and Kanani. Lol!