Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Making Friends:

Kanani and new friend, Hoku, grazing together

Kanani got to go out into the big pasture today with a mare named Hoku (which translates to Star). Thought I would have to keep him completely separate from other horses for 45-60 days but I reread the agricultural regulations and it says you must either do that OR spritz your horse everyday with fly spray. I liked that option so I am spraying him everyday. He really needs to go into the big pasture and just "be a horse" doing what horses like best to do--hang out with friends, graze a little, run a little, etc.

He flirted with Hoku quite a bit, prancing about excitedly like a big fancy stud. When she ignored him, he soon settled down to grazing and before long, they engaged in a mutual grooming session, which means that they are now best of friends.

A little mutual grooming

Kanani did his very best to eat up several acres of grass.

He did leave his new friend and come over to visit me just in case I had a carrot in my pocket for him! (Which, of course, I did.)


  1. He is such of beauty, Aunt Pam. I am checking in frequently hoping to catch a glimpse and a new story. Soon perhaps a picture of you riding him? Such a good boy :)

  2. HI: Excellent braiding job !!! He just gets more beautiful .....


  3. Will there be a little Keiki in the future? Barb

  4. Better not be any keiki! Kanani is a gelding even though he LOOKS like a big stud!

  5. Tell him he's gonna have a new friend named Keeks soon :)