Friday, August 19, 2011

Fabulous Trick Riding: Lorenzo The Flying Frenchman
(View footage of him working with his horses.)

What must it be like to be able to achieve what this young man in his 30's is doing with horses?

I read about him in a book review. Seems there's a new book out about Lorenzo, the Flying Frenchman. It's subtitled: the Amazing Man and his Remarkable Horses.

It inspired me to Google him and learn more. According to the book review, Lorenzo is a shy introvert who doesn't talk much and spends all his time with his horses on the beaches of Camargue in his native France. His mother says he has few friends: "His horses are his friends."

At age 16, he was "discovered" and began appearing on television. His young life has been marked by many personal physical injuries (back, shoulders and knees) and tragedies, such as the loss of beloved horses to cancer and disease. Yet he continues training and performing, exhibiting complete devotion and commitment to the well-being of his beautiful white Portuguese Lusitano mares.

It is said that he has never sold a horse; he just keeps working with them until he solves the riddle of their personalities.

What a worthy goal for any horse owner!

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