Friday, September 2, 2011

Waxing Philosophical:

Okay, I'm getting old (a month or so shy of being 68 and my older sister is gonna be 70--yikes! How did THAT happen?). I've also gone distressingly plump. Not that I regret a single year or even a single pound. I've found joy in all of it and am blessed with many glorious memories, only a few not so good ones, and a family of which I am unabashedly proud. Every single one of my "chicks" (immediate and extended family) gives me pride, joy and reason to celebrate. They are each unique, amazing individuals--and don't even get me started on grandkids, nephews, spouses of chicks, etc.

But sometimes I do wish I were a wee bit younger, thinner, richer, healthier, etc. We all wish for certain "improvements." One of the best things about having a horse is that when you climb on top of your horse, you forget about all that...stuff.

You realize that "stuff" is all it is. Stuff and baggage. Why carry it around?

Riding a horse reminds me to live in the moment, because--by gosh--if I don't, I might fall off because I'm distracted worrying about something else!

Even worse, I might miss out on some "fun." Sheer, wonderful FUN.

Horses--dogs, cats, all animals, in fact, and children, of course--seem to have the gift of "living in the moment." I doubt they ever worry about how old or fat they're getting. They take life as it comes, right this moment, and seem to enjoy every moment that's even remotely "enjoyable."

That's my goal--to become more like my horse. To live in the moment. To let go of past hurts, present worries, any inclination to guilt I might rightfully or wrongfully possess, and all fears for the future.

NOW is all I've got. This beautiful moment full of promise, potential and the possibility of having fun!

Anyone up for a ride?


  1. But just to clarify, so everyone knows, I'm your favorite chick! <3 --keeks ;)

  2. you look happy and full of fun! keep at it, we love you!

  3. GREAT ATTITUDE !!!! I'm glad to see you got out of your chair in the middle of the arena.....much more fun to ride !! Looking forward to seeing you both in Nov. Barb

  4. Me, Me, Me! I want to ride! Love you!

    Sara H.