Sunday, February 14, 2010

Brushing My Teeth With Beer In Bangkok:

Arrived safely in busy, bustling Bangkok. After dinner at the Monsoon last night, (restaurant in my hotel), I asked the waitress if I could buy several bottles of water to take back to my room. I get two small, free bottles everyday, but if I need more (and I do), the rip-off water in the fridge is 120 baht or about $3.50 per bottle, while the water I bought in the restaurant only cost 30 baht--about a buck per large-size bottle.

"No, Madame--so sorry!" she apologized. "Cannot sell you water in restaurant because bottle is glass and I must return."

"I'll bring the bottles back," I promised.

"No, no, Madame! No can. I get you someting moah better!"

She hurried away and returned with three bottles of beer.

Also in glass bottles.

On another note, I had planned to go looking for the "largest outdoor market in the world" at a place called Chattuchuk here in Bangkok. It is held only on weekends. But all I have to do to find more shopping than I can handle is walk out the door of the hotel. Shops, restaurants and outdoor markets line the streets in every direction. All of Bangkok is one enormous indoor/outdoor market with stuff from all over the world!

And I didn't even bring an empty suitcase.

I have a nice studio suite in a centrally located Bangkok hotel. Didn't know it was a whole suite when I booked it on the internet. Lots of farangs here. Seems to be popular with them. You don't even need to know any Thai to stay here. When I proudly say, "Hong naam thee nai ka?" ( you may remember from a previous post that this is the proper way to ask where the restroom is), they lift their chins and say very clearly in English, "Madame, the restroom is this way."

Kinda nice being called "Madame."

City views from my fifth floor room.


  1. What no white wine for a brighter smile! judy

  2. Madame is getting a little wild brushing her teeth with beer. Next thing we know she will be gargling with rice wine. Better wear plenty of perfume after doing that!

    Your hotel room is lovely and the bed looks like it might be a bit softer than the bunk beds you left behind in Trang. And, you can't tell us that in one of those cute little shops you can't buy an extra piece of luggage! Go for it. Buy, buy, buy! When will you ever be there again?

  3. sounds like ur having some fun, eh? get another bag and buy some trinkets!