Saturday, February 13, 2010

Frosty The Snowman?

Yep, I'm afraid so. Our field trip on Friday included a stop at the Hatyai Ice Dome, a tourist attraction of the first order in Songkhla Province. Buses disgorging tourists and school kids were all over the place.

For most, it was a really big deal because folks get to dress up in parkas and gloves to find out what it feels like to walk around in 5 (f) degree weather. For those of us who already know how it feels, it wasn't such a big deal--but we enjoyed getting out of the heat for awhile. We especially enjoyed watching Thai kids discover ice and snow.

After 20 minutes, I was more than ready to head back out into the mid-day furnace.

(Yes, we paid money to do this--rather, CCS did.)

Painting on the side of the building showing you how much fun you're going to have braving the cold.

Frozen elephant flanked by palm trees.

Ice dragon.

I remember this.

Mama T, our cook, (on right) brought her little granddaughter who was thrilled to come. Khem and Jack also loved it. Kristin (left), like the rest of us, got a kick out of watching Thais having fun shivering.

Tinu's family has been reporting lots of snow in Philadelphia but she could still summon a grin knowing she wasn't home shoveling the stuff.

Even the buses in Thailand are works of art.

Not sure what it said on the side of this bus, but thought you might enjoy guessing.


  1. Glad to hear you now have a little empathy for the rest of us who are freezing our 'okoles off on the mainland!

    Pretty cool ice dragon!

  2. We have a bar here called Ice bar, as as you can guess, everything in it is mostly made of ice and has ice sculptures, etc. I haven't been, but I hear they give you a parka to wear once you get inside, as the keep the temperature frigid so as not to melt any ice! Don't think I would pay to go there...


  3. that sounds good to me in the middle of summer in AZ...