Saturday, February 20, 2010

Snake Show:

Dancing King cobras, the most poisonous snakes in Thailand.

You kind of have to go to a snake show when it's right down the road from where you are staying and you pass it all the time going back and forth. For 200 baht (about $6.) I decided to give it a try.

The snakes are quite beautiful, as I figured they would be. Thailand has many species of poisonous snakes and it also has a variety of pythons. At my resort (which has lovely grounds but has probably seen better days) there's a sign telling guests to please not walk in the tall grass due to snakes.

The King cobra is probably the most feared snake in Thailand. "Snake charmers" showed how they are "milked" for their venom.

The English at the program was scanty so I didn't learn as much as I would have liked to learn about King cobras--except that they don't eat but maybe once a week. Or maybe that's the pythons.

In the back of the compound is an enclosure full of rabbits. I didn't need a translator to guess what they were for.

Snake charmer provoking cobras to get a reaction.

Showing off King cobra.

Expelling venom into a glass.

Displaying fangs.

Huge python checking things out.

I couldn't say no, now could I? (If I can do tigers, I can do snakes.)

It felt smooth, warm and heavy.

He didn't just stick this snake in his mouth, he "caught" it between his teeth as it slithered around.

Pretty little snake on a picnic basket. Not sure if you want to invite it to your next picnic though.


  1. Eeeee-gads! No, you do not have to say yes to having a snake hung around your neck just because you hung yourself around the neck of a tiger! This snake handler must be nuts. We're wondering if they milk the venom prior to the show so they know they are fairly safe if they do happen to get a bite. Is there a cobra antivenin? Hope so. Wooooh!

    Oh, yeah, please don't walk in the grass until you get back to Maui!!!!!

  2. i got to wrap a Boa Constrictor around me once, it was also VERY heavy! Doesnt it feel awesome!?

  3. You're crazy! Tiger- yes! Snakes- no!


  4. Tigers and Elephants and Snakes.....OH MY....... Oh, I forgot about the monkeys! Amazing pictures.. I feel bad for those poor elephants, at least they seem happy now ! What's next? Barb

  5. You have some amazing pics, my dear!!

  6. not sure i could handle the snakes. well done!! love, sarah