Monday, February 8, 2010

Governor of Trang:

This afternoon, we met with the Governor of Trang and had our pictures taken presenting him with a basket of goodies from CCS.

He was very gracious and even spoke some English. But before we could get out our own cameras and snap a few shots, he was summoned away to meet with the Minister of Education.

So no photos today. But it was still nice to meet him and I was impressed that he took time out from running the province to meet with a bunch of farangs. (Can't help wondering if the Governor of Hawaii, Ohio or Michigan would do the same! We're just volunteers, after all--not VIPs from some foreign power.)

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  1. We think you really should "go Thai" and have a big helping of roast pork! It's good for what ails you. But Extra Crunchy Jiff sounds good, too. Your system is probably in need of some good old cholesterol after eating all that rice.