Thursday, February 4, 2010

X-Rated Post: Elephant Breeding in Thailand

Do not proceed if you are underaged or easily shocked.

But on the way home from school today, in a field along the road...

Oh, heck, I cannot tell a lie.

This comes from a postcard. One of the volunteers bought a little shop's entire inventory of them to mail to her friends. (I would have bought some, too, if I had seen it first.) She was kind enough to give me one so I could share it with you.

(I knew you'd want to know about these things. Maybe I'll get to see the real deal when I go to the elephant breeding farm or the rescue center in Chiang Mai when I am there in a couple of weeks. If so, you will read about it here. Can't wait to ride an elephant!)

Seriously, all you young ones out there, they are just doing circus tricks.


  1. Circus tricks? Right. Hope these circus tricks don't happen while you're on your elephant ride. Those tusks look like they could hurt!

    Sara and Eddie