Thursday, February 11, 2010

Last Day Celebration:

The gentleman presenting the gift is the Principal and he gave a lovely "Thank You" speech.

Hard to say goodbye to students and teachers I have come to love and likely will never see again! I was presented with a beautiful handmade purse (that I know Wan Li picked out.) Another teacher gave me two lovely necklaces featuring stones from Central Thailand.

Many of my students brought me little gifts they had made, cookies, stickers, silk roses, etc.

So I am leaving richer than I came--but the greatest gifts, as always, are the memories I will keep forever.

The uniforms seen here let you know that it is Scout Day. (Girls Scouts and Boy Scouts are very big here.)

Teacher who gave me the necklaces.

The purse has elephants on it--Thailand's symbol. (Now to figure out a way to get it into my overstuffed suitcase!)

Tomorrow, we're off to Songkla Province for some sight-seeing. On Saturday, I fly to Bangkok and on Sunday, I'm up to Ayutthaya--an old city of ruins from days long gone. It was the seat of government for Thailand from 1350 to 1767 or thereabouts, until Burma all but destroyed it.


  1. wow mom! these posts are awesome! and that purse will look great on me! keep an eye on it! :) — sarah

  2. Oh, it must have been as hard for the teachers and students to say good-bye as it was for you. Maybe you can keep in touch. We know you will always have a little place in your heart for them as we are sure they will have for you, too.

    Now, off to another adventure! Have fun and stay safe!

  3. If goodbyes were easy, then either you, the other party, or both, were not fond of one another. But anybody that meets you would of course have a hard time saying goodbye! :)

    lOve ya!


  4. aw, so sad to leave:( But, that purse is lovely! have fun sight-seeing, love you!