Sunday, January 31, 2010

Best Friend:

Have already mentioned this product--a necessity in the tropical heat here. Without it, you're soon miserable. All the new volunteers are warned when they get here--and if they fail to heed the warnings, it only takes a few days to make them devotees. Thought you might want to see what it looks like.

Wish I could get it for the occasional hot day (never this hot!) on Maui. It's sold here in huge cans as well as small ones. A very hot walk around town this afternoon looking for the bead shop, which wasn't where I thought it was, reminded me to share this mundane tidbit with you.

(You DID want to know all about life here, didn't you?)

Those of you who are up to your ears in snow may be less than sympathetic. So you can skip this post if you want. It's been a quiet Sunday otherwise, preparing for next week's classes and finishing up laundry (still doing by hand and it dries in two hours when hung outside).


  1. You're right. It's hard to relate when one is chipping an inch of ice off the windshield. Lol! Still wondering exactly what this "snake" powder is made from, however we're thankful you found it!

  2. What a blessing.. This years Christmas gifts????? Judy

  3. i would like some of this, i DO live in a desert! sounds like it smells good, too...does it?

  4. To Erin: I think it smells good. I have the original scent (sorta menthol-ish). I thought you would like this but room to bring it home in my suitcase? Not sure it will fit!

    To Judy: Nope. Too heavy to bring a bunch of metal cans home.

    To Sara: Can't read the ingredient list. It's all in Thai on my can. Snakes? Hmmmm.....

  5. Pam, I looked up your miracle powder and in Thailand it's made by British Dispensary, but in other countries the powder goes under the name of St. Lukes Snake Brand Prickly Heat Powder. Someone said you can purchase the powder at Asian Stores, so maybe they'd have it in Maui. Can't wait to see the Bullfight ! Barb