Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More Manorah and a Barbecue:

Tonight we had a barbecue and the entertainment was...manorah! This time it was performed by three 12 year old students in full costume. Performers are meant to be part human, part bird. This is why they have a bird-like tail and fingernails. The girls did a lovely job and then invited us to learn a few poses.

I'll have to do a post on the new volunteers one of these days. We have nine "newbies." The tenth succumbed to flu the night before she was to leave for Thailand and could not make it. Most of them are just out of college and several have done other CCS programs--two in Peru and one in Tanzania. The youngest is just 19 years old.

I am no longer the oldest. Gerry--from South Carolina--is 68 and has a delightful sense of humor to go along with her Southern accent. She is here for three weeks but is interested in staying another week and then going with me to Chiang Mai to ride elephants. It would be great to have company to knock around Thailand with before I return home. (So keep your fingers crossed.)

We also have one volunteer from Canada (Nancy) and one from England. No men this time, though Thailand is popular with male volunteers as well.

I could do this! (In my dreams, maybe.)

The bird tail is made of a real buffalo horn. And the beading is hand-done, of course.

Nora (left) and Gerry (right) with our three little dancers.

When someone is doing the "Human Pretzel" pose for you, how can you NOT take a picture?

Nancy (left), me (center--but you knew that, didn't you?) and Kristin (right) with dancers.

Volunteers enjoying the show. (This is our side yard.)

Not only can they do "it" standing up, they can do it kneeling down.

A close up of those fab fingernails.

You can't see me but I'm doing this pose perfectly while taking a photo of the younger volunteers struggling to "keep a leg up there."

(If you believe this, I've got a temple in Thailand to sell you when I get home.)

Jack showing us all how it's done.

A real barbecue!


  1. looks so neat, mom! wow! love you!!
    — Sarah

  2. Pam, Maybe you can teach the women in your Halau the Manorah ! Beautiful girls and the barbecue looks great. ( much better than bugs ) Barb

  3. Oh, thought for a moment we could see your foot in the air....guess not. How much is that place in Thailand?? Thank goodness those fingernails are stick-ons!

  4. yay, Barbeque!!!! i want to see those pics of you posing! Ur limber enough!

  5. Looks cool! Im gonna look into getting my nails done like that! :)