Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ko Cheuak Island:

This island has steep cliffs all around, as so many of the islands do. We snorkeled off one side of it—primarily to see the brilliant lime green staghorn coral with whitish, bluish or purplish tips. I counted this a fabulous experience as I’ve not ever witnessed the almost fluorescent green of this remarkable coral. We also saw lots of brown staghorn coral with whitish tips but the green was a show-stopper.

Rounding the island en route to our snorkeling spot.

Passing Scenery.

This is a lovely young Muslim couple I met on the boat. She could speak a few words of English but he could not. They appeared to be on their honeymoon and were obviously much in love and having the time of their lives. She swam and snorkled fully clothed, including long pants, long sleeves and a head scarf.An older woman accompanied them but just sat on the boat the whole time and didn't smile or say much. (Mother-in-law?) When the young woman asked to take my photo (probably to put on her own blog of her adventures,) I was able to broach the subject of taking their photos. Trang has a large Muslim population and I was so glad to meet this delightful couple!

Sidenote: Thais and most Asian folks I have seen here swim fully clothed. They do not wear swimsuits and are rather scandalized by farangs who do wear them in this part of Thailand. We had been told about this and I brought a sun top and pants to wear over my swimsuit.When other boats pulled up with scantily-clad farangs in them, I always wondered what the locals were thinking. The fact that we "honored" their customs and dressed accordingly seemed to open the folks up to us. By the time we departed the boat, half the folks on it were our friends and all came up to say goodbye. Such rapport made for a more wonderful experience.

Other tourist boats here to see the lime green coral.


  1. We ran into the same swimsuit issue at Figi, Western Samoa, and America Samoa. Even after we were cautioned about wearing appropriate attire, there were still folks walking around town in short shorts and halter tops. You could tell the local folks were disgusted. Just be glad you didn't have any Europeans on board who like to swim topless!

  2. the water is so beautifully turquoise, that it doesnt seem real! i want to jump thru my computer screen and go swimming!

  3. Pam...I sometimes think you know more about their culture and traditions and some of the local people. I truly do. Amazing how much you've learned about the Thai people is such a short time. My friend at work Richard is married to a Thai woman and I bet he doesn't know much of what I've read on your blog...very impressive!