Saturday, January 16, 2010

Science Fair:

Front entrance to the stadium where the event was held. Dugongs represented various sports.

On Thursday of this past week, a Science Fair came to town. It was held at a first-rate facility: the sports stadium in Trang. After it leaves here, it will travel to other provinces so that students from all over Thailand will eventually get a chance to see it.

Entire school populations (including mine) were bussed in from afar for today’s presentation and a holiday atmosphere prevailed. Multiple stations were set up in the largest gymnasium where students could go from station to station taking notes on what they saw.

Keeping track of students was easy because each school has its own dress code. Baan Kok Yang students, (my school) wore blue flowered shirts provided by the school. We are a public school but many private schools were in attendance. Kids from these schools were better turned out than those from rural public schools like Baan Kok Yang and were easy to spot. But a great time was had by all, including the teachers who got a day off from teaching and were just as appreciative of the exhibits as the kids!

Taking notes.

Kids intently studying an exhibit.

Gymnasium was chock full of people and exhibits.

We had an hour long presentation in an adjacent building. No chairs. The kids all happily sat on the floor and were well behaved despite the heat that had all of us panting and soaked in perspiration by the end of it.

Behind the kids from my school were a bunch of girls from one of two Muslim schools in attendance.

Some of my boys looking very serious for a change!

Some of "my girls."

All of the teaching staff from my school.

More of "my boys."

More of "my girls."


  1. Love the photo of you and "your boys." They appear to be shaping up nicely, serious and all, and will probably be sorry to see you leave.

  2. that looks like it was a fun break from teaching for a day:)