Thursday, January 21, 2010

Weekend Plans:

FYI: Tomorrow is Friday and Gerry, Tinu and I are leaving early for a place called Railay. Plan to be there til late Sunday. (Railay is where the movie, "The Beach," with Matt Damon was shot. Okay, I stand corrected--it was Leonardo DiCaprio.) Since it is only accessible by long tail boat, I am not taking my computer. Will take my phone but not sure if it will work there. Also taking my camera.

You have to jump out of the boat to get to shore with all your gear. But the place is supposed to be gorgeous and swingin'. We are staying at a resort there.

So no posts for a few days til I return. Promise to tell you all about it.


  1. i think "The Beach" actually has Leonardo DiCaprio in it...i could be wrong though. BUT, in the movie, it was BEAUTIFUL! cant wait to see pics of that! Have fun!

  2. Leonardo DiCaprio, silly. :) Not Matt Damon!

  3. This is T
    OK post pictures too sounds like a great place! Love you Grandma and be safe!