Saturday, January 9, 2010

Morokot (Emerald) Cave:

On the way to Emerald Cave.

The first place we visited was Morokot or Emerald Cave. Visiting this amazing place involves donning a life jacket (mandatory) getting into deep water (well over one’s head), holding onto the life jacket of the person in front of you and swimming through a cave to a completely enclosed beach inside the mountain that is like something out of Paradise Lost.

I expected to see Indiana Jones when we got there.

You swim 80 meters through pitch-black darkness before you come to the light—and must swim out again to get to your boat.

The interior beach is truly magical. Steep cliffs ring the circular area. The jungle marches halfway up the cliffs and high overhead swallows nest. The area was once a place where locals harvested swallow nests to make the oriental delicacy, “Bird’s Nest Soup.”

Later, it was the haunt of pirates scouring the Andaman Sea for treasure. They hid their booty in this secret place that is only accessible at low tide. During high tide, the sea fills the cave and you cannot swim into the beach—or leave it. You will be stuck there ‘til low tide.

Today, the cave is part of a National Park.

Entering the cave.

What you see looking up as you exit the cave after your swim in the darkness. The clearing is totally enclosed and roofed over by blue sky.

Jungle that greets you as you emerge from the cave.

Pool at the entrance to the hidden and magical beach.

Tinu in this hidden paradise we were all enjoying!

Cave entrance/exit is behind me.

Contemplating the swim back through the cave.

On their way!

Adventurers emerging from the cave after an unforgettable visit to a lost world.

Boats flock to the mouth of the cave, disgorging tourists. Some are "farang" boats and this one (below) had a sign on it that I thought you might enjoy seeing. (Love all the interesting boats here--many so quaint and unusual!)


  1. Ooh, swimming into a dark cave? You are one brave woman. Indiana Jones could have been there and you just didn't see him! What a fabulous experience. Thanks for the wonderful photos.

  2. Hopefully you read this before ur "black-out"! Those islands are pretty in a creepy sorta way, i would have been aprehensive about swimming into one, maybe there's snakes in there! EEK! Looks like ur having lots of fun on ur day trips! Wahoo!
    love you:)

  3. awesome stuff mom!!! looks so cool! we love you!!
    — sarah

  4. These pictures are amazing grandma! Hope everything is goin great out therewe all love you! Your amazing!