Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hong Naam:

You knew I would get to this eventually, now didn't you? "Hong" means room. Naam means water. "Where is" sounds like "tea nai." So when you desperately need a hong naam, you ask for a "room water where is" and add a "ka" if you're a female and a "crup" if you're a male. (Otherwise you might end up in the wrong hong naam!)

As hong naams go, this is a good one. (We will not discuss the not-so-good ones.) And of course, if you're lucky, it won't look like this at all. It will look like what you find in your hong-naam at home.

I tell you all this in case you ever wish to visit Thailand (or elsewhere in Asia). Practice your aim first. Bring toilet paper. Flush by poring water into the hong naam with a bowl dipped in a bucket of naam.

Did you get all that?


  1. Had been wondering when you would get around to this. You are a very strong woman!

  2. Pam, If that is a good hong namm, I'd hate to see a bad one ! Did they have to explain how to use it? If I asked where the bathroom was and they showed me that, I'd say " And what bucket should I aim for ?" Thank you for making me appreciate my own hong namm ! Barb

  3. Remind me to hug my toilet later!


  4. Hi: Definately would be no reading material in this bathroom unless you really had strong thigh muscles. jan

  5. well, arent WE spoiled with our pretty western potties! is this what Thai's have in theyre home, as well?

  6. The Thai homes I have been in so far all have Western-type hong-naams. But many of the more rural or poorer homes have this type. So do the older buildings such as schools, bus stations, 7-11's, etc. The Tokyo airport has both types. You get to choose which one you want. Many Thais prefer the non-Western type. (Must be all guys.)