Monday, January 25, 2010

Nothing Exciting:

Not much to report today! Back to work with a vengeance. Tonight I have class preparations to do. Working on making phone calls with one class: "Do you want to leave a message?" "No, Jack is not here." etc.

Studying Trang Islands with another class. Teaching English at the same time, of course.

With still another class, we are working on "is, are, am," and other tenses.

And I'm teaching things like "I want to buy a motorcycle," I need money/job," with my Naughty Boys. Soon enough they will be out on their own so we are discussing "jobs" like bull fighting and rubber plantation work, along with computers, engineering, etc.

Washers and dryer have not been working for almost a week. So am washing clothes by hand and hanging outside. In this heat, they dry fast.

Four of the new volunteers were home "sick" today after a big weekend.

Just finished language class and I am so lost in it that it's really quite pathetic. We are speaking whole paragraphs these days and I can mess up with great flare. The teacher told me "Dee maak" which means "very good" but I fear she's just trying to be nice and keep me from getting discouraged. (Just learned that I have been asking "Where is the restroom?" all wrong! No wonder I get such confused looks! Followed by a gradual dawning of comprehension and a big grin.)

So what HAVE I been asking?


  1. Oops! Wondering exactly what kind of trouble you're going to get in over there trying to speak the language! Hand washing clothes? ugh! Hope it's not in the river where they wash the elephants. :-)

  2. Ha. They must think you are hoot!


  3. i bet you were asking something profane, knowing you, mom!! at least i hope you were! :) we love you!! — sarah

  4. oh my! i would like to know!...(if you ever find out). Hang in there, Aunt Pammy! we love you:)