Saturday, December 26, 2009

Home Base:

Gateway to home. This drive leads back to home base. The gate is kept locked and there is a night watchman named Mao who keeps an eye on things every night. I think this is CCS policy and not necessarily because we need to fear break-ins. (Although I could be wrong, of course, since we Americans are deemed to be "rich" no matter where we go and no place is truly "safe" anymore.)

Trang home base seen from the driveway into the compound.

Living-room where classes may be held, we can watch Thai television, stretch out on mats and pillows to relax, read any of the books from the large library, etc. Various teaching materials are stored in plastic boxes and you can search through them for something you might need for your classes or daycare activities.There are also two sofas for those who don't like the floor.

Each volunteer has a locker for locking up valuables such as laptops, cameras, etc.

This is the nearest thing to an inside kitchen that we have. Most of the cooking is actually done outside, on the other side of the windows shown here. Our "cook" is Momma T and she does a great job. Meals are served buffet style from this table, then we take it to a larger table to the right of the "kitchen." (not shown) We make our own breakfasts and do our own dishes. All the table legs are sitting in bowls of water to deter ants who would take over if given half a chance. (This is typical of tropical areas; we did it in Brazil, too, and Hawaii is not exempt from ants either.)

My bunk bed is the lower one. This bedroom can sleep six volunteers. Three of us have been using it. We have the only bedroom with an attached bath--a really nice feature at 3:00 am. We each have a wardrobe and a large plastic case that fits under the bed, where my suitcases also reside.

The Bath House has showers and restroom facilities for both men and women. It also holds the Laundry room. (Yes, we have Western-style toilets, washing machines and a dryer.)

This is a small house on the property where staff can stay over. It has also been used to house couples who volunteer together.


  1. These are nice facilities. How long has CCS been in Trang? It sounds like they have a nice relationship with the local folks.

    Sara H

  2. It looks safe and cozy. Miss ya!


  3. it looks alot nicer than i expected (and clean)! doesnt look too bad from here:)
    nice and cozy!

  4. CCS has been in Trang for about 7 years, I think. The house is clean and comfortable. (But the bunk beds are rock hard!)