Saturday, December 19, 2009

Trang Arrival:

This has been a long, full day and it's not over yet. (Dinner still to come at six.)

Have been up since 4:00 am. Airport at 5:00. Flight to Trang at 7:00. Arrival at roughly 9:00 am. Orientation at 10:30 am. Lunch and then an exercise in getting to know Trang. Cindy from California came in today, too, and we were given a list of instructions and dropped off in the middle of town. The list included such things as buying fruit in the marketplace, getting a schedule of the train, ferry, and long tail boats in and out of Trang, buying a cake, etc. then finding our own way back home again via tuk tuk (a little open-air vehicle with a bench on the back of it for passengers.)

We made it home by a little after 4 in the afternoon. Tomorrow starts at 9 and includes a visit to a Chinese shrine, a ride in a long tail boat, a stop at the beach and a mangrove forest and....?

The staff at the house are wonderful--really like them. There are four volunteers here right now, including me. A very large group just departed. More coming in soon, I understand. We start work Tuesday.

Have so much to relate but am too tired to go into detail right now. So stay tuned. I have the bottom bunk of one set of bunk beds in a bedroom that can accommodate 6 people. Have two room-mates, one from Philadelphia, one from LA. Really nice young women. I, of course, am the old lady of the bunch. (And so far, keeping up!)

More tomorrow...if I can keep my eyes open long enough to write something tomorrow night!

P.S. Trang means the City of the Dawn. It's very different from what little I've seen of Bangkok and there aren't very many "farangs." (foreigners)

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  1. We have no doubt that you can keep up with all those young whipper-snappers. In fact, our money is on you leading the pack before it is all over. Keep up the good work!

    Sara and Eddie