Friday, December 25, 2009


This is Mr. Pom's tuk-tuk that I took to the store today. Tuk-tuks are a common form of transportation all over Thailand. You clamber in the back of this three-wheeled vehicle and hang on (sometimes for dear life) while it cuts in and out of traffic. And yes, you breathe the fumes. (Cough, cough!)

Guidebooks warn you to avoid taking tuk-tuks in Bangkok, because you may be taken on a ride you didn't plan. The tuk-tuk will stop many times at shops where the drivers get a kick-back for bringing customers. (You may also suffocate from the fumes!) While this is not a problem in peaceful Trang, we are advised to be sure and settle on the price before we ever climb into a tuk-tuk.

Mr. Pom came in answer to my phone call (he is a friend of CCS) and charged me 200 baht for a round trip to Trang's version of Wal-Mart: Tesco or Lotus, as it is called by everyone. Tesco is where everyone shops for the most-up-to-date things like toasters, tires, KFC chicken and Dunkin Donuts.

Oh, I saw my first elephant last night! Went out to dinner at a cafe called The Little House. On the way home in the CCS van, we passed through the night market which was bustling with people and vendors. There was the elephant tucked between a couple of booths! His (or her) mahout was sitting on his neck. Perched on the beast's back was a bench with flashing lights. Transport for someone?

It was too dark to stop and take pictures. Hope I see another one in the daylight. Erin, the volunteer who left today, took a dandy photo of two elephants riding in a truck. A small truck, at that. Now that's a photo I want to catch!


  1. Eddie thinks the design on the door of Mr. Pom's Tuk Tuk is pretty special and wonders if you ever noticed it???

    We hope you get to see an elephant soon, but we are resting easier knowing you have access to KFC and Dunkin Donuts.

    Sara and Eddie

  2. It's been snowing all day here in Chicago,reading and looking at all your beautiful pictures sure brightens my day! I think instead of visiting Maui, Barb, Jan and I should come to help you teach! Ok, maybe not teach... but I would love to see the sights and meet the people. They all sound so special, Have a safe and happy NewYear, Judy

  3. Elephants riding in a truck!? Now thats something you dont see every day! I would love to see that! Please post that photo if/when you get it, ASAP! (maybe you could wear a cute bandana over ur mouth and nose as to not breathe in those nasty fumes!)
    Breathe easy!

  4. Oh my, looks like you are on another amazing adventure....How lovely is all of this? Pretty country, lovely people...You are so blessed! Love Terri

  5. Ano ai Pam
    Wow, you are truly having a Magical Adventure!!
    Thank you for sharing all the beauty and your fascinating experiences.
    Looking forward to reading & seeing more.
    Me ke aloha pumehana, Susan:-)

  6. Well, yes, I did notice the outside of Mr. Pom's tuk-tuk. Actually, his decorations are pretty tame compared to some I have seen!