Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Photo Op:

The teacher next to me in green is Wan Li. She is the one I am working with in grades 7, 8 and 9. Absolutely lovely lady in every way. She speaks English well and is so anxious to keep learning more. In addition to teaching, she's also the school nurse.

Have three classes to teach tomorrow and lesson plans to finish up. The classes are large--with one of about 40 students. We have lunch with the teachers whose photos I caught today. Lunch is a shared affair with everyone passing around whatever they brought. We are provided with a lunch from the home base. The cook makes it and packs it in a plastic container. Usually consists of rice or noodles and something over it. But since we share, I'm never sure what else we'll be eating! Today included some pretty purple flowers, an aromatic green plant whose name I do not know and something stringy but actually kinda good from inside a banana tree. Plus rice noodles, bamboo and a spicy curry.

I often pass on things because of the spice factor. Thais like their food HOT!!!!

I always ask "mai phed?" Meaning, is it spicy.

They often say no because to them it isn't--but to me, it brings tears to my eyes.

Maybe I'll actually learn to like it!

As you can see, the kids just steal your heart away.


  1. Pamela, you cannot be putting a kid in your suitcase. It will not go over well with customs. We can see how that could easily happen with you!

    Eddie and Sara

  2. Whish I could taste some of that good hot food!!!
    Enjoy Patty : )