Thursday, December 24, 2009

Meet Khem:

This is Khem, CCS Program Director here in Trang. She has been the director for the past five years during which over 300 volunteers have come to Thailand. Soft-spoken, hard-working and dedicated, she oversees every detail and her job is not an easy one. She handles EVERYTHING, including volunteers who become ill or any problems that may arise at a placement. Soon, CCS will need to find a replacement as Khem is getting married the week after I leave here.

Her wedding will be a big one with over 700 hundred guests. If I were still here, I would be invited, as will all the volunteers who are here then. She has told me a lot about the customs and ceremony, so I will be sorry to miss to miss it! Her fiance is an American from Rhode Island and they plan to live there--so she will need to adjust to the cold weather. Her English is excellent and she has studied in the U.S. and visited many times, so I think she'll adjust fast.

Lovely young woman, lovely quiet way about her...and no doubt that she is the "boss-lady."


  1. Merry Christmas, Aunt Pam!! We have enjoyed keeping up with your adventures so glad you are blogging!

    Hugs, kisses, and Christmas wishes!
    Catherine and the other Bennett's of Barrington

  2. We don't want to read on your blog that you have decided to stay and replace this young lady. So don't get any ideas!

    Eddie and Sara