Monday, December 21, 2009

Idyllic Beach Afternoon:

Jack, Cindy and Cha in front of our long tail boat.

Planting mangrove trees.

Jack and Cha (see below) took us to an island via long-tail boat yesterday afternoon. Long-tail boats are picturesque, charming wooden boats typical of what you see here--and interesting to get in and out of. (Use your imagination, here.) They are powered by engines that look like they came out of cars.

Trang Province is surrounded by mountains on three sides and by the sea and many small islands on the fourth side. The islands are unspoiled and lovely, with towering cliffs and bluffs. We were joined by a gaggle of children who wanted to go with us and carry stuff for our picnic. They were great fun to interact with and even knew a few English words. Turns out they were all related in one way or another to the boat man.

No one wore life jackets, except us. Which Jack insisted upon. Insurance regulations, he assured us. Of course, the five year old was jumping in and out of the boat the whole time. We flatly refused to wear them on the way home.

Heading homeward after an afternoon of sun and sand, we stopped to plant mangroves to help enlarge the mangrove forests that protect this land in times of tsunami. It took the last tsunami that nearly wiped out Phuket to convince the whole country to protect the mangrove forests. Planting involved jumping off the boat and sticking the roots of baby mangrove trees into deep mud.

Tomorrow? My first day of teaching!

Today? Well, that will have to wait because I need to get some sleep.

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  1. Good for you for planting mangroves. Once a tree hugger, always a tree hugger!