Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Thai Boxing:

Cindy and Tinu with Champion Thai boxer

Okay, I thought we were going to go see Thai boxing.

I was wrong.

We were actually going to go LEARN Thai Boxing.

When we arrived at the practice ring in Trang where boxers work out before they go to Bangkok or elsewhere to fight, we were outfitted with gloves and offered lessons with punching bags by a former champion of all Thailand.

So I learned how to punch, elbow, knee and kick. Thai boxing involves not just fists but knees, elbows and flying feet.

My feet did not fly but I had lots of fun while trying not to hurt myself or fall down flat on my "okole" (sorry for the Hawaiian word).

The younger volunteers did better. (See above for Cindy and Tinu after they sparred in the ring with the champion.)


  1. awesome posts, momma! we miss you and are so proud of you!!!

  2. And to think I was worried about you getting mugged. Who knew they would be teaching you how to kick-box! I am so impressed.