Sunday, December 20, 2009

Meet Jack:

Jack is the coordinator of our cultural activities. Actually, he's Peter Pan guiding us through Never Never Land. Wouldn't be surprised if he teaches us to fly before he's through.

His English is really good due to having spent some time in Orlando, Florida. His laugh is infectious and he is full of stories. (He also loves to learn slang to flesh out his vocabulary.) His patience is endless as he tries to correct our faltering efforts to speak Thai and to understand all that he's explaining to us. Were it not for Jack, whose name is an Americanization of a long Thai name, we'd be committing cultural faux pas left and right.

He and Cha, our driver, squired us around yesterday and a good part of today. (I admit to sometimes closing my eyes as fearless Cha maneuvers in and out of traffic, often bypassing a whole family riding on a single mini-bike. I kid you not; it is not uncommon to see Mom, Dad, baby and even an extra kid or two on one bike. Only the driver has to wear a helmet.) More about those adventures coming up.

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  1. look at you go!!! Im so proud of you:) Good luck on your first day of taching!