Thursday, December 17, 2009

Next Hotel:

(Photo: My bed at Amari before I collapse in it! Note fruit and chocolates--did they see me coming or what?)

Caught a taxi from the International Airport Hotel to the Amari Hotel near the domestic airport. Now I am settled for the day and night before I fly out to Trang on a 7:00 am flight tomorrow morning.

First Impressions of Bangkok: Huge. Very modern expressway and contrary to all the guidebooks, it wasn't all that crowded on the trip between the two airports. Looked clean and neat from the expressway, lots of skyscrapers in the distance. Lots of signs and billboards with both Thai and English. Naturally I gawked at everything! (But there wasn't an elephant in sight.)

Chatted with the taxi driver who spoke little English but we had a nice conversation anyway. I had to pay three tolls on the expressway--about 100 baht. The trip was 600 baht. Right now the exchange rate is around 30-32 baht per dollar, depending on each location where a sign is posted. A typical tip for just about anything is 10-20 baht. The smallest note I have is a 20 baht note and I am running out of them tipping for this and that. (Still a very reasonable tip at less than a buck and always brings a nice smile!)

The Amari is not as fancy as the Novotel International but they both have Christmas trees in the lobby (surprise in this Buddhist country!) I was just delivered a tray with some fruit and chocolates (see photo) as a welcome to the Amari--so I am duly impressed.

Am also so tired I can hardly see straight but still too excited to sleep in broad daylight. Maybe I'll take a walk around the hotel before I crash. Really do need to get some sleep. But wanted to see if I could connect in this hotel as in the last one. So glad I have my laptop. My phone lost its signal coming across town and still hasn't found a new one. This could be the story of Verizon in Thailand.

To all who are checking in--much love and aloha. (Haven't figured out what word means aloha in Thai! Or if there even is such a word.) So far, everyone grins when I try to say something in Thai--so I must be murdering the language but they smile and smile just the same...and so do I. It's good to be here at last.


  1. Sounds like a good start so far!

  2. so glad you are safe and sound in your new adventure (besides that next flight), can wait to hear all about it!!!
    Lots of Love!

  3. You are on such a fabulous adventure! We wish we were there with you!

    Eddie and Sara