Sunday, December 27, 2009

Internet/Phone Problem:

FYI: Internet and phone both went down on Saturday. Which is why I answered no emails and posted no posts. Phone still is not receiving data but internet is back.

Don't panic if I seem to "disappear" for a couple of days. It's probably just a technical glitch. If there's a problem, I'll get ahold of someone some way!


  1. Blackberries have been having problems everywhere.

    Sara H

  2. Sorry to hear about your tech problems, Pam. It's interesting to hear about problems with Blackberries. Mine (just 6 months old) died on New Year's Eve. Verizon store was open next day so I went to exchange for a new one - none available until it can be shipped directly to me on Wednesday January 6. I'm totally lost without it. Very inconvenient to say the least. Think of you very often! Kay