Thursday, December 17, 2009

I Have Arrived!

(Photo: Lobby of Novotel International Hotel from my chair where I was waiting for a taxi to take me to the next hotel. Thought I'd snap a quick shot for posterity.)

I am here in Bangkok at the hotel near the airport. Have had all of four hours sleep. Can't get my cell phone to work. Can't get email to work--but miracle of miracles, I have been able to get on the blog site!

So far so good. The rest I'll try and sort out later. Haven't seen much of Bangkok yet but will venture out in a few hours and take a taxi to the hotel near the domestic airport. Tomorrow I fly out to Trang.

Am very time-disoriented. Have lost a day somewhere as it is now the 18th here. Re the trip itself, the Bangkok airport is huge and modern. Going through Tokyo was a bit unnerving as all passengers had to go through security again after we arrived and there must have been 1,000 people in the line. I was afraid of missing my flight to Bangkok. But I'm here now...and rarin' to go. (or almost rarin')

Now to find some breakfast. Oh, how I could use a cup of very strong coffee right about now!

Don't panic if you don't hear from me personally. As I've already said, have to figure out how to get everything to work!

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  1. Yes a good cup of coffee is sooo good! Patty : )